We offer an array of professional IT services to small businesses that are cost effective and ensure continuous smooth operations.

Software Development

We offer desktop, mobile software development using the latest programming languages and frameworks.
We specialize in C#, VB.NET,  JavaScript, Hyper Mobile Applications and Microsoft Azure. We also are offer help with CA-Visual Objects.
We are proficient in integrating third-party tools such Twilio text messaging, Google Maps, Google Auto Complete, Microsoft .NET libraries and much more.

Credit Card Processing Terminals & Software Integration

We partner with popular credit card processing companies that offer the best rates and service in the industry. We are also integrate the payment gateways that are offered by those companies in various software products that process various credit card transaction types such as sale, pre-authorization, post-authorization, void and refund.

Website Development & Hosting

We can develop dynamic websites that are either static, and websites that are dynamic and data driven. We can then host them on reliable website servers to ensure continuous operation.

Virtual Machines

We can setup install your programs on remote virtual machines which you and your employees can access from anywhere via remote desktop services.

On Demand IT

Individual services as needed without any monthly fees such as network setup or troubleshooting Windows operating system issues. Pay only when serviced is needed.

Network Setup

Get your network up and running in no time.

Network Security

Cyber threats are real and a major concern. We’ll help your network and computing & database environment is safe and secure from intruders, malware and viruses. 

Local and Cloud Backup Solutions

We help protect your business against cyber security threats, hardware and software failures via robust backup strategies. Our experience is this field will ensure your data is safe locally, in the cloud or both.